Did you know about the countermeasure against the age hastening “AGE”?


Everyone, do you know about AGE? Its full name is “Advanced Glycation End Products”; shorten to “AGE”. It is a substance that hastens the aging of our human body. This time, we’re going to pay a visit to one the scientist at the frontier of AGE research at Kurume University, Professor Yamagishi.


What is “AGE”?

Our bones and blood vessels are protected by proteins such as collagen in our body.


When sugars are stuck to these proteins, the proteins’ functionality will start to decline. When these proteins are completely covered in sugar, they are called AGE.

Threats of AGE

Here, professor Yamagichi is showing us the protein that turned into AGE.

Left: Normal Protein Right: Protein that turned into AGE

When these proteins turned into AGE, they will have a strange tea color. Our presenter, An An, is extremely shocked at this picture.


AGE doesn’t affect just affect proteins, but it can also have a huge effect on our bones and skins as well. This is one of the causes of our wrinkles, sagging, and many symptoms that results in us aging rapidly.

Lett: Collagen Right: Bone

Besides from aging, AGE is also linked to many other diseases.


How much AGE intake per day is safe?

The amount of AGE you can safely intake per day is 15,000 exAGE. Here is the “exAGE Handbook” that details the amount of AGE in an everyday meal.


For example, carbonara has 27,033exAGE, a sirloin steak has 26,843 exAGE, a pizza has 21,783exAGE, and a pork cutlet curry has 17,337. It really shows how much excess AGE we are taking in to our body per day. In short, all oily and stir-fried foods have a lot of AGE present in them. Therefore, foods such as sushi and udon contain a lot less AGE.


Sushi (1 piece) has 85 exAGE, an assorted sashimi plate has 2,143 exAGE, udon has 71 exAGE, and soba has 106 exAGE.

How to control AGE

From here, we’re going to introduce to you how to keep AGE from accumulating in our body.

①Cook meals using vinegar
②Don’t Stir-fry food using high temperature for a long time.
③Avoid using microwave as much as possible.
④Eat food that prevents the formation of AGE.


Foods that help prevents the formation of AGE are spring onions, mushrooms, blueberry, Strawberry, Noni and etc. Broccoli has a compound called sulforaphane, while a spring onion has quercetin which is very effective at suppressing AGE. More so, super sprout broccoli has 20 times more sulforaphane than a normal broccoli, making it exceptionally effective at suppressing AGE.

Results of studies on sulphoraphane

Furthermore, Professor Yamagishi has found a new compound that combines sulphoraphane and quercetin that has a very high AGE suppression effect, called Sq2.


Currently, Sq2 supplements are in development.


Through the studies on AGE, Professor Yamagishi wants everyone to live a longer and healthier life

Now do you know how frightening “AGE” is? So let’s do our best to protect ourselves from AGE since we are young. Why don’t we start off with reconsidering our eating habit?

Institute of AGE Research Association