Fresh Crabs at the “Hama no Shi” market in Usa City Nagasu


The Usa City in Oita prefecture is well known to be a city for fishing and a lively market for freshly caught seafood!

To top it off, this season is the season of female Japanese blue crabs! Currently, the market price for this kind of crab is approximately 5000yen, but at the “Hama no Shi” market, the price is around 1000yen to 2000yen! Cheaper, freshly caught Japanese blue crabs than this you will not find anywhere else. Check it out and get one of these delicates for you and your family before it is sold out.

In addition to the fish market, you will also find shops selling locally produced goods and food stands serving local cuisine at low prices.

Event details

Date and Time
December 25th (Sunday)
Nagatsu Port, Kisuki city
Nagatsu 4263-39, Usa city 872-0001
By car・・・・Approximately 2 hours from Hakata station via the Kyushu highway and the Higashi Kyushu highway
By train・・・Approximately 2 hours from the Hakata station
Entry fee
No entry fee

※All information are from November 21st 2016