Nokonoshima cherry blossom and rape flower light up(3/25~4/9)


Nokonoshima is an island located in the Hakata Bay, relatively close to the city center of Fukuoka. It`s famous for its park called Nokonoshima Island Park where all year around various kinds of seasonal flowers can be enjoyed.
A very special event that is held every year is the so called “Nokonoshima cherry blossom and rape flower light up”. There you can enjoy about one hundred lit up trees at night, which creates an amazing atmosphere. But not only Sakura can be seen there, also rape flower which shines bright in gold colors. Besides the illumination, you can also enjoy the other facilities at the park such as the zoo or the islands special sport activity called “Nokonoko Ball”.

They island offers is beautiful place to visit at daytime, but at night time you can get a complete different impression so give it a shot!


March 25~April 9  17:30~20:00 ※Events may change due weather influence
Fukuoka City Nokonoshima Island Park (福岡市 のこのしまアイランドパーク)
〒 819 – 0012 Fukuokakenfukuokashi Nishiku Nokonoshima(〒819 – 0012 福岡県福岡市西区能古島)
Use the subway and get off at Meinohama Station 「姪浜駅」. From there take the bus bound for Nokonoshima Ferry Port「能古渡船場行」. Catch the ferry, and take the bus after arriving at Nokonoshima Island. The bus stop is located on the left side of the port, close to a parking lot. The nearest bus stop to the Island Park is called Island Park Iriguchi -「アイランドパーク入口」.

※All information are from March 25th 2017