Kokura Gion Daiko Festival(7/19~21)


One of the traditional Gion Festivals in Japan, the Kokura Gion Daiko Festival will be held this month, in the city of Kokura. It has been designated as National Intangible Cultural Property since March 2019 which is its 400th anniversary.

People walk the city streets pulling a float while beating the drums in its style.The drummers pray for peace on earth, the continued safety of Japan, abundant crops, prosperity in business, and the safety of their families as the drums reverberate.The main attraction is the 3-Day Taiko Tournament in front of Kokura Castle. Kokura has its own unique taiko style in which the drums are played as they are pulled along on the streets on floats, so the competition starts as a parade through the city streets. More than 80 teams put on performances and compete during the taiko parade.

Event details

Festival Time
2019 July 19 – July 21
Fukuokaken Kitakyushushi around the Kokura Castle
JR Kagoshima Main Line: From Nishi Kokura Station about 8min by walking or alternatively from Kokura Station 10min by walking

Admission Fee
Free of admission (Seat Reservation 2000¥)

※All information are from July 1th,2019.