The Great Autumn Festival at Kitano Tenmangu (10/15)


On 15 October, The Kitano Tenmangu Autumn Festival is going to be held in Kurume, Kitanomachi. About the shrine, it was built in 1054 to appease the angry spirit of a bureaucrat, scholar and poet Sugawara no Michizane, who had been exiled as a result of political manoeuvres of his enemies in the Fujiwara clan.

A flower that is related with Michizane is the plum blossom. There is also a 900-year-old giant camphor on the shrine grounds that has been designated a Natural Monument by the prefecture. As if to evidence the legend about Sugawara no Michizane and kappa, the supposed hand of a kappa continues to be carefully maintained to this day at the shrine. Take the opportunity and visit this beautiful shrine during the festival.

Event details

Event Date
October, 15th 2017

※The Portable Shrine Departs at11:00~
Event Place
Kitano Tenmangu, Kitanomachi, Kurume City 830-1113
Walk 3 minutes from Nishitetsu Kitano Station, Amagi Line
Drive 10 minutes from the Kurume Interchange, Kyushu Highway
Drive 15 minutes from the Ogura Interchange, Oita Highway

Entry Fee

※All information are from October 1st.