Miyako City Sweet Flag Festival (6/8~6/9)


The Toyotsuhanashoubu Park is a popular spot for people to come and see the symbol of Miyako City, the Sweet Flag flower. The best time to see them is around June, where you can expect to see over 10,000 Sweet Flags in full bloom.

And at the “Miyako City Sweet Flag Festival”, which is held in conjunction with the blooming of the Sweet Flags, will have several local specialty products, exhibitions of Haiku poems, and stage events for you to enjoy the festival along with the beautiful Sweets Flags.

Event details

Date and Time
June 8th, 2019 (Sat) & 9th (Sun) 10am~16pm
Miyako City Toyotsuhanashoubu Park
1240-2 Kokubu, Miyako City, Kyoto District, Fukuoka Prefecture
5 minutes by car from East Kyushu “Toyotsu Interchange”
25 minutes’ walk from the “ShinToyotsu Station” Heisei Chikoku Railway
※There’s also a free shuttle bus free of charge that goes to the event location.

Entry fee

※All of the information above was written on May 28th, 2019.