How do Japanese celebrate it?

画像の説明 Carps are decorated everywhere to wish for health and a successful for boys

In Japan, May is the month with many holidays. Golden Week, Dontaku and Children’s Day. At Children’s day Japanese families will display carp flags in front their house to wish the boys success in climbing up the social ledder throughout their life. In addition to that, you can see very often Samurai heads and dolls displayed too. These are symbols of wishing good health and happiness throughout their life.

What is Origami?


What is Origami? Origami is the art of paper folding. For the children’s day, Feel Fukuoka Japan will show you how to make Kabuto (helmet).

画像の説明 Naïve and innocent like children, Sam and Kyoku

For the first time, we introduced a topic with 3 presenters, Kyoku, Vicky and Sam.

They are from China, France and New Zealand. Different people, different culture, but especially at children’s day, it doesn’t matter where you come from.

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