This time we will introduce you Asoviva.

So, what is Asoviva? Well, it’s a bit difficult to describe but, it’s a bar which chose the subculture anime and games as their theme. From nostalgic games to the latest console games, you can find everything there. Plus, all you can drink service.

画像の説明 Games, games everywhere….paradise!!!

Behind the bar counter you can play sensor type games or you can go to a private room and have fun there. It’s fun place, everyone is nice, so it’s really easy to make new friends. Like our presenter Vicky. She joined two guests playing Street Fighter and noisily enjoyed it.


If you are more interested in music then try yourself being DJ. It doesn’t matter where are you from or how old you are. Asoviva is a place where everybody can have fun and just be yourself.


I mentioned it earlier, Asoviva is a bar. For 2500Yen (members 2000Yen) you can drink as much as you can. And, if you become hungry, food menu is also available.


Like Neko Café, Asoviva is a unique place, which hopefully becomes popular abroad too.


Asoviva North Tenjin

810-0001 Tenzin K Bld.3F, 3-6-10, Tenjin, Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Contact details
Business hours
・Monday – Thursday 7pm – 1am
・Friday 7pm – 6am
・Saturday 2pm – 6 am
・Sunday 2pm – 12am

As of August 22nd 2015

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