Nagasaki Kaido Kurosaki Yado – Aki no Nigiwai week event will be held to show the history and culture of Kurosaki, Kitakyuushuu.

During the event, a giant screen (17m*18m) will be installed. Pictures from the early days of Kurosaki are projected on the screen and create and unbelievable atmosphere. In addition, various events are held during the week, for example a Samurai cosplay march (Nigiwai March 2016) or a food fare (with Kurosaki Beer).

Event details

Event time
10/6 (Thursday) – 10/11 (Tuesday)
① Magarinomatsunamiki kouen
〒806-0034 Fukuokaken KitakyuushuushiYahatanishiku Kishinoura 2-choume 1 – 1
②Kurosaki Chuuoukouen (sankaku kouen)
〒806-0021 Fukuokaken Kitakyuushuushi Yahatanishiku Kurosaki 1-choume, 3-10
JR…5min by walking from JR Kurosaki Station

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