Lightning designer Miki Matsushita enchants autumn leaves in a paradise of lights.

The 10000 square meters big area, invites viewers in a new and fantastic world of projection and light up. The best time to watch autumn leaves is from mid-November.

Event details

Event Period
November 18th – November 27th 9:00~16:00
Fujieshi gyorakuen (Garden) 藤江氏 魚楽園(庭園)
〒827-0001 Fukuokaken Tagawagun Kawasakichou Ooazayasu Maki 6388
By car, use route 201 from Hakata Station (approximately 1hour) 
Entrance fee
Adults ¥300
Under highschool student age ¥100
Monday、Every 3rd Thursday of the month
※In case Monday is a national Holiday, the next regular day will be holiday as well

※All information are from October 20th 2016

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