The Tobata Gion Yamagasa festival (戸畑祇園山笠) is a local Japanese festival which takes place in Tobata, Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture. The festival is held for three days (always Friday to Sunday) before and after the 4th Saturday of July. In addition, Tobata Gion Yamagasa is a national cultural asset of Japan.

During the festival in the daytime, eight official floats with twelve great flags hoisted on the four large ones are carried for a parade, followed by some small floats for children. At night, the floats are completely transformed into pyramids of huge Lantern Yamakasa floats. Each with twelve layers of 309 lanterns, 10 meters high, and 1.5 tons in weight is shouldered by about 100 carriers.

Event details

2019 July 26st to 28rd   【27th】18:30~21:00 Tobata Gion Oyamakasa Competition
Fukuokakenkitakyushushi Tobataku ittai, Tobata kuyakushomae (competition venue)
From JR Kagoshima Main Line (Tobata Station) 10min by walking
Admission Fee
Admission free ※July 27th at the Tobata Gion Oyamakasa Competition reserved seating is available

※All information are from July 1th, 2019.

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