Fuuji Hachimangu Shrine – located in Tagawa city, Fukuoka, will hold a river crossing festival on May 18th (Sat) and 19th (Sun), 2019.

The festival has over 450 years of history and its origin is from the time when a part of Tagawa city was called Ita village. There was a plague broke out in the village around 1558 to 1570 and people prayed it to end at Fuji Hachimangu Shrine. After it all got cured, people have been celebrating for the blessing and it still continues up to today. The sight of 2 portable shrines and 11 floats will be hauled across the Hikosan River.

Event details

May 18th and 19th, 2019
Around Hikosan River, Tagawa city, Fukuoka
3 minute walk from JR Hita-Hikosan Line, Heisei Chikuho Railway [Tagawaita Station]

※All information are from May 1th 2019.

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