HAKATA MACHIYA FOLK MUSEUM is a miniature village, where you’ll hear the old language of the merchants of the city, see an exhibition on Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival – with a video of the floats racing through the city – and exhibits on local crafts. You can retrace two centuries of history in Fukuoka, reliving daily life during past eras.

The place has many things to offer. For example, you’ll find a workshop area where Hakata artisans demonstrate various old crafts and techniques. The type of craft changes every day – they were working on Hakata dolls on the day I was there. There are also weaving demonstrations next door in the old merchant residence, for a few hours in both the morning and afternoon. Even if the weaver is not at his loom, you should pop in to check out the building’s architecture, as it is a superb example of an old Japanese residence. ※ Admission fee 200¥

Don’t forget to make a detour to the store’s gift shop before you leave, it’s one of the best places to find authentic handcrafted items from Fukuoka!


〒812-0039 福岡市博多区冷泉町6-10
〒812-0039 Fukuokashihakataku Reizencho 6 – 10
By Subway: Get off at Gion Station, take exit number 2 and walkfor about 5min
By bus: Get off at Canal City Mae bus stop and walk for about
By car: When using the expressway, take the Gofukumachi exit (about 1.5km from there) or alternatively Chiyo Exit (1.2km)/td>
10:00~18:00(Exhibition Hall until 17:30)
Regular Holidays
December 29 to 31
Average Budget
Credit Card Payment
Only possible at the souvenir shop
Foreign Language Support
Pamphlets are available in English, Korean and Chinese.

※All information are from December 2016

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