What is an International Exchange Share House?

An International Exchange Share House is an easy-to-move-in House without the need of a guarantor! No deposit money demanded! Internet ready! All furniture and electronic devices have been prepared! The rent ranges from 15 000yen to 50 000yen, and an extra 10 000yen for Wi-Fi and utilities bill! Moving in on the day is no problem! (For Japanese Residences, we offer a twice per week English lessons for an extra charge of 20 000yen.)

For this article, we are going to do a coverage on the amusement international exchange share house that was opened for business on July 1st, 2016 in Meinohama, Fukuoka city with the concept of “a studying-abroad experience in Japan”: the “Meinohama International Exchange Share House”.

★Rock climbing, bar counter, dart machines, theater room, game room, yoga room, and many other facilities for you to use with your housemates even if you can’t speak each other’s language.
★An International Exchange Party once per month.
★Twice per week English lessons for Japanese residences.
★Exclusive communication tools for the residences (reading and writing in English).

and etc. allowing you to have a friendly exchange with other residences, making friends with people from all over the world, and creating memorable and fantastic experiences during your stay in this share house.

Even as early as it is now, the house have,
2 Americans
1 Canadian
1 British
1 Italian
2 Australian
4 Philippines
1 Indonesian
1 Nepali
1 Taiwanese
4 Koreans
15 Japanese
(55% of the residences are foreigners)

creating an atmosphere of studying abroad despite while being in Japan. We always welcome any Japanese or foreigners who are interested in joining the international exchange, getting in touch with different cultures, and widening your horizon.

Introducing the Meinohama International Exchange Share House

画像の説明 the building’s exterior

The building is made of thick bricks giving a sense of calmness.Furthermore, when someone wants to look for a room to rent in Japan, they’d usually need a guarantor to help them find one. However, you don’t need a guarantor nor having to pay a deposit money to rent a room at this share house! All furniture have already been prepared, therefore you can move as soon as you arrive.The house manager of the Meinohama International Exchange Share House can speak English, so if you’re ever in trouble or feel sick, feel free to consult the manager anytime.

the Meinohama station.

The “Meinohama International Exchange Share House” is only 13 minutes away from the Meinohama station on foot! It takes only 13 minutes by trains to travel from the city center of Fukuoka to Meinohama station. Fukuoka was considered to be a compact city, with beautiful nature such as the sea and the mountain nearby the city center. Furthermore, according to the UK’s Monocle magazine, Fukuoka was ranked 7th as “the most comfortable city to live in” only after Tokyo.

Coming up, we’ll be talking about the rooms and their rates.

画像の説明 single room

First is the private room! There are a total of 18 private rooms, with a rent of 50 000yen. A private room comes with a desk, a chair, a bed, a refrigerator, a closet, a curtain, etc. Residences can choose either “a room with furniture” or “a room without furniture” at their preference. A must rent for foreigners looking to rent a room with a budget of 50 000yen without a guarantor.

2 persons room

Here is a 2 person room. If you’re willing to share a room with another person then the rent will decrease to 30 000yen. The rooms comes with 2 refrigerators and 2 closets for each individual tenants. The share house has a total of 12 2 person rooms. Come and stay with a friend, or stay with someone else and you might end up making yourself a new friend.

10 persons room

Next is the 10 person room. With a rent of only 15 000yen and free Wi-Fi; a bargain you can’t find anywhere else. We highly recommend this room for foreigners travelling in Japan, or anyone looking for a place to temporarily stay during their business trip. You can rent for 1 month or more, perfect for those who never stayed here before and desire to make some new foreign friends. Truly, a place to deepen the bonds of friendship. Come and take home not only some new words, but also new experiences and new insights.


A stylish kitchen with made of wood! One of the charm of a share house is to cook and eat with your friends! Fill your heart and your stomach with Fukuoka’s specialties, food from other regions of Japan, or food from foreign countries.

Laundry Room

Each floor of the building has its own laundry space with a total of 9 washing machines. Irons and ironing boards are readily available for you to always look good and keep yourself clean in front of the other residences. Everyone may come from different backgrounds, but hygiene is one of the manner of this share house.

This Meinohama International Share House is amazing!

Community Space

Look at this! This share house has this wonderful, huge, and stylish recreation space! Be it laughing with your friends, or watching some sport games with them, this room is there for you to have fun with everyone.

Darts & Bar

Next to the community space is a space to play darts and a bar counter. A place for anyone to wish to have some alone time for themselves, and for everyone to come and play with together when there is a house party.

Theater room

A theater room with a big projector, and a powerful sound system that will overwhelm anyone with its realistic atmosphere. A perfect place for you to come and watch your favorite movies with your movie loving friend.

Game room

A room for you to play Mahjong, Chess, and Poker! A place for you to make some new friends using games and learn some English. Just by looking at each other face to face, you will open up to each other soon enough. Come and find a new friend with who share your interest.

Yoga room

Who would have expected? A yoga room with a giant mirror for the ladies looking to keep their body in shape, and for those looking to building some more muscles on their body! Also, it’s another way for you to learn some new languages while keeping your body in shape.


Inside the central yard is a rock climbing wall! The stones on these walls have been placed to accommodate both beginners and expert rock climbers, giving anyone a chance to relive their time when they were young. Climbing by yourself maybe difficult, but climbing with everyone is undoubtedly fun.

A house party once every month!

Already heated up house party

On this day is a party to commemorate the opening of “Meinohama International Exchange Share House” has been held.

Group photo

Here are the hosts of the party 1 hour before the party starts.It may have been their first party, but they were fired up to make it the best it can be!The people who participated the party may be only a few, but the spirit to have fun was there and many surprising things were seen.

DJ Event

When the party starts, it is as if the house has turned into a club!The floor was enchanted by a wide range of music from house music to pop music, reflecting the a image of what a good house party is.♪Everyone was talking to people they met for the first time, and everyone is joining in on the fun. And of course, the most notable things about the Meinohama International Exchange Share House party are the English words from the Japanese people, and the Japanese words from the foreigners.

Comic Story

Here is the comic story teller, Mr. Sansho Nakamura. First, have a look at this video.This is Mr. Nakamura telling Japan’s traditional “comic story” from 400 years ago in English. Using his deep understanding of English words, he was able to replace a lot of Japanese expressions and English expressions to tell his stories. It was very well received by the foreigners.

Japanese Sword

A sword fight performance using the Japanese katana by a group of 2 cool, beautiful ladies. A blade dance that can hardly be seen in this generation of Japan; enthralling both the Japanese and the foreign audiences. The performance made many people wanting to try holding a katana once, and take pictures of them. After the performance, many requested a group photo to commemorate the performance they saw earlier. Able to get in touch with another Japanese tradition, everyone was having fun beyond belief.


A pantomime robot dance to a funky music equals the climax of the party! Moreover, an original robot dance that uses a crystal ball which shocks everyone!

Everyone who joined the party joined with respect toward one another leading to the forming of new friends, and a party that was more fun than anyone could imagine.
With this, we get to see the things that the Meinohama International Exchange Share House treats as the most important things: “symphathy towards each other”, and “sharing knowledge and experiences with one another”.

We went to conduct an interview with the foreigners living in the Fukuoka Hakata share house! We asked them what think about Fukuoka as a city and the share house.

We went and interview the representative of the International Exchange Share House, Mr. Uchino. Mr. Uchino said that it is extremely hard for any foreigners to find a place to stay. Therefore, he wanted to build a share house where they don’t have to go through the trouble of following the complicated procedures, and allowing them to fun while staying in place that has no language barrier, giving some new stimulations to both the foreigners and Japanese alike.

We recommend this share house to anyone looking to stay or move into Fukuoka, or wishing to learn English!Easy to find, convenient to live in, with trains and buses allowing easy access to Fukuoka’s city center.If you’re interested or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Meinohama International Exchange Share House.

Meinohama International Exchange Share House

1-22-18 Shimoyamato Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 819-0052
Contact details
About 13minute walk from the subway “JR Meinohama station”

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