How about souvenirs from a more then 100years old shop?


Today we will introduce you the Okumura shop, a shop which exists since 1884.


This shop has a lot of traditional sweets and toys, waiting to get bought from you. Like our presenter Sam, who likes sweet, you will smile your way through the shop, don’t know what to buy first.


What’s so special about this candy you might think? It’s not only the taste but also the price. For 10Yen you can buy candy like Sam on the pic. Definitely my recommendation if you looking for souvenirs.


The owner and his wife were a nice and polite guide when we took the movie. Thanks to them we could smoothly do our work.

Okumura Shop isn’t only a shop for toys and candies, you can also buy New Year decorations, Japanese dolls, lantern and so on. If you are in Fukuoka, please visit this place. It’s really worth it.

Ltd. Okumura

812-0035 2-24, Nakagofukumachi, Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Contact details
TEL:092-281-1578 FAX:092-272-2087
Business hours
9am- 6pm
Parking lots available

As of August 22nd 2015