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The Fukuoka City Museum holds an important role in Fukuoka because it not only symbolizes Fukuoka’s rich culture and history but also to showcase Fukuoka’s openness to China and Korea. Fukuoka City faces the Genkai Sea in northern Kyushu. Because of this, it keeps the first contact with the Eurasian continent and the Korean peninsula. Unaware of the rest of Japan, culture from the neighboring countries came through Fukuoka. Thus, Fukuoka serves as the gateway for foreign exchange.

The Fukuoka City Museum displays exhibitions about the history of Fukuoka and the people’s gradual lifestyle to modernization. The Fukuoka City Museum has three types of exhibition rooms- The Permanent Exhibition room, the Feature Exhibition room, and the Special Exhibition room. The Permanent Exhibition room introduces the history of the folk culture of Fukuoka. In this room, visitors can learn about the way people lived in this city, which helped in opening up foreign communication with other countries. The Feature Exhibition room presents more on history, customs and culture of Fukuoka based on the larger themes. The content in that room changes every two months. The Special Exhibition room only features large-scale displays from a variety of themes. The content also changes every two months.

One of the most popular displays in the Fukuoka City Museum is the King of Na gold seal. It consists of 95% pure gold and is one of Japan’s greatest national treasures as it shows how Japan came to be as a nation. Next to the gold seal, there is an interactive exhibition explaining further details about this treasure.

The Fukuoka City museum is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and it closes every Monday.

The admission charge is 200 yen per adult and 150 yen per high school/university student.

For JR takers coming from Hakata station, get off at Nishijin station. Same goes for subways takers coming from Fukuoka airport.
For bus takers coming from Tenjin, get off at the stops ‘ Fukuoka tower Minamiguchi’ or ‘Hakubutsukan Kitaguchi’ or ‘Hakubutsukan Minamiguchi’.

Fukuoka City Museum

814-0001 3-1-1, Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka
Get off at a subway line “Nishijin” station and walk 15 minutes or take a bus from Nishijin for 10-15minutes.
Get off at a subway line “Fujisaki” station and take a bus for 10 minutes. A bus terminal is on the 1st floor of Fujisaki station.

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