Let’s go to the Glamorous City of Karatsu!

This time we are going to explain how to get to “Karatsu” (唐津), a city in Saga Prefecture next to Fukuoka Prefecture. It is possible to get there by train or by bus.



Going by Express Bus


On the 3rd floor of the Hakata Bus terminal next to the Hakata train station, you can buy a ticket bus ticket that will take you straight to Karatsu. A one-way trip ticket costs 1,030yen.

画像の説明 博多駅バスターミナルビル3F

The bus to Karatsu will arrive at the bus terminal number 32. Please check the bus schedule on the on the Showa Bus website


It will take 90 minutes for the bus to reach Karatsu from Hakata. Please disembark at the bus stop, “Arpino Mae” (アルピノ前). You can also take the express bus from the Fukuoka International Airport.


Going by Train

Next, we will explain how to get to Karatsu from Tenjin Fukuoka train statin. You can purchase a ticket using the ticket machine at the Tenjin subway station. The ticket machines are available for use in Japanese, English, and Chinese. A one-way ticket to Karatsu costs 1,140yen.


【How to buy tickets】
1. Select the number of tickets you want to purchase.
2. Select the JR Chikuhi Line (JR筑肥線).
3. Press the button labeled “Karatsu”(唐津).
4. Insert your money into the note slot and take your tickets.

The train to Karatsu will depart from platform 2. Please board the train labeled “Karatsu” or “Nishi-Karatsu” (西唐津) as its final destination.


It will take 80 minutes for the train to reach Karatsu from Tenjin. You can also board the train from the Fukuoka International Airport at platform 2 to go to Karatsu. Please come and try it.

The Glamor of Karatsu ① Hikiyama Exhibition Hall

In Japan, there exist a festival called the “Karatsu Kunchi” (唐津くんち), it is a large festival held across 3 days on November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

The 14 Haikiyama (曳山) floats used in the festival’s parade are taken from the Hikiyama Exhibition Center. Come and watch the parade of the majestic Hikiyama floats if you have the chance.

Information on the “Karatsu Kunchi”
6-33 Nishijonai, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, 847-0014
Contact Detail
Business Hour
November 3rd, 4th (for the “Karatsu Kunchi” festival”)
The first Tuesday and Wednesday of December
From December 29th to December 31st
15 minutes walk from the Karatsu Train Station.
Parking Space
20 cars

The Glamor of Karatsu ② Fishing Town, Yubuko


In the northern part of Karatsu, there exist a port town called “Yobuko” (呼子). It is a port city popular for its fishing industry and its freshest ingredients from the sea. One of the popular ingredients, is the squid.


Today, we are visiting the floating restaurant that serve these squid as part of its menu, the “Manbou” (萬坊). Here, you can enjoy the performances on the stage while enjoying the squid sashimi served while the squid is still alive.


Aside from the sashimi, we also recommend the restaurant’s dumplings and tempura.

Manbou Website
1944-1 Tononoura, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, 847-0304
Contact Details
Business Hours
Weekdays: 11:00~18:00 (Last Order 17:00)
Weekends and Holidays: 10:30~20:00 (Last Order 19:00)
Changes to the schedule may be made due to the weather and time of year; please confirm the schedule beforehand.
Parking Space
50 Cars

The Glamor of Karatsu ③ Karatsu Castle


If we want to talk about the symbol of Karatsu city, then we have to talk about the Karatsu Castle (唐津城)which was builded 400 years ago. Visitors are allowed to enter the castle to see the castle’s interior and make their way up to the top of the castle to see the spectacular view of Karatsu from above.


Whichever season you decided to come, this spectacular view will be here waiting for you.

Karatsu Castle’s website
Facebook page
8-1 Higashi-jyonai, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, 847-0016
Contact Datails
Opening Hours
From 9:00am to 5:00pm (Visitors may enter until 4:40pm)
The opening time may change depending on the time and season of the year.
December 29th~31st
Entrance fee
1 Adult (Age 15 and above) 410yen (320 yen)
1 Child (Age 4 to less than 15) 200yen (160 yen)
The price inside the bracket are for groups of 20 people and more.
Some prices will be changed from April 1st, 2015.
Maizuru Park Elevator fee
1 Adult (Age 15 to 70) 100yen
1 Child (Age 4 to less than 15) 50yen
The fees are for one-way use only.
Some prices will be changed from April 1st, 2015.
Parking Space
Up to 170 Cars

Karatsu is a city right next to Fukuoka city, therefore it is easy for anyone to come over and have some fun at Karatsu. If you want to find out more about the glamor of the city of Karatsu, then please refer to the following website.