Soginotaki Park Autumn Soul Festival on November 26th (Saturday) to 27th (Sunday)


The Soginotaki Park Autumn Leaf Festival is an event that attracts around 20 thousand people every year!
At the park, participants can enjoy fish dishes and Berkshire pig dishes.

If you want to see an impressive scenery of a waterfall in the middle of the autumn leaves, then come to this event.
Also, the park is scheduled to light up from half past 5pm to 9pm!

Event details

Date and Time
November 26th (Saturday) and 27th (Sunday)
Soginotaki Park
Okuchimiyahito 635-11 Isai City Kagoshima Prefecture 895-2526
Kyushu Shinkansen・・・Approximately 2 hours from Hakata train station
Car・・・・・・・Approximately 3 hours from Hakata train station

※All information are from November 4th 2016