January 15th (Sunday) Heto Mato (Fishermans’ Festival)


Heto Mato is Goto Island’s unique way of praying for a good spring harvest and fishing season.

Richly-varied festival opening with sumo-wrestling at Shirahama Shrine followed by hanetsuki, a traditional game played at New Year(shogatsu), kemari, a football like game played in ceremonial dress, a tug of war involving semi-naked men with their bodies painted entirely black and a giant straw sandal (3m, 358kg) being paraded around town.

How about having a look at this unique festival?

Event details

Event Date
January 15th (Sunday)
Shimosakiyamacho Goto, Nagasaki
By car・・・・About 3 hours from Hakata station via Nagasaki Expressway
After that, transfer to a ship at Nagasaki Port

※All information are from December 26th 2016