Yame Fukushima no toro ningyo – the lantern dolls of Yame City(9/21~23)


Yame Fukushima no toro ningyo, the lantern dolls of Yame Fukushima, is a string-and-pole manipulated mechanical puppet tradition preserved in Fukushima Hachiman shrine, Miyano Town in Yame City.

Performances take place on a temporarily constructed stage and the dolls are operated from the side or beneath the stage by six individuals. The origin of this unique puppet tradition began in the middle of the 18th century when lanterns were offered to the shrine.

Event details

Event Date
Performances at13:30、15:00、16:30、19:00、20:30(each performance is about 30min long)
〒834 – 0031 Fukuoka Prefecture, Yame City, Fukushima Hachiman shrine
Use the JR Kagoshima Main Line to 「Hainuzuka Station – 羽犬塚駅」.
From there, take the bus to Yamegakuin mae「八女学院高前」. From there walk about 10min to the shrine.

Free of charge

※All information are from September 9th.