Rokugo Manzan Light Up 2016 from November 11th (Saturday) ~ December 3rd (Saturday)


This year’s highlight event is the “Celebrating the 1300 years of Rokugo Manzan in the year Heisei 30”, where Rokugo Manzan, the syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism, will be illuminated.

Rokugo Manzan is a collective region of six areas called Kunawa, Tazome, Aki, Musashi, Kunisaki, and Imi where each area are filled with temples and shrines; hence the name “Rokugo Manzan”. It was said that it took hundreds of years, from the Nara period (year 710AD to 793AD) until the Heian period (from 794 AD to 1191AD), for all 6 areas to be combined into one.

Rokugo Manzan is the scared place where Buddhism and the gods joined together to become one, come and experience the holiness of the mountain and the land.

Event details

Event date
November 12nd – December 3rd
Various Temples across Kunisaki Hanto
Bungotakada City
“Ryouzenji Temple & Jissoin House & Rokusho Shrine”
November 12th (Saturday) 18:30~ Entry fee: 500yen
November 13th (Sunday) 17:30~ Light Up Entry Fee: Free

“Futagoji Temple”
November 18th (Friday) 17:30~ Light Up Entry Fee: 500yen
November 19th (Saturday) 18:30~ Ceremony Entry Fee: 1000yen

“Kumano Buddha Statues”
November 18th (Friday) 17:30~ Light Up Entry Fee: 500yen
November 19th (Saturday) 17:30~ Gospel Choir JOY Entry fee: 500yen

“Monjusenji Temple”
November 25th (Friday) 17:30~ Ceremony Entry Fee: 1,000yen
November 26th (Saturday) 17:30~ Prayer Event Entry Fee: Free

“Fujiki Temple”
December 12th (Friday) 18:30~ Piano and Shamisen Live Entry fee: 300yen
December 13th (Saturday) 17:00~ Bugakujogyozanmai Dance
Entry Fee for seats: 1000yen (There is a limit of 100 seats)
Entry Fee for standing: 300yen

※All information are from November 1st 2016