Japanese Gyoza


Japanese Gyoza – A result of independent progress !

Gyozas (dumplings) are originally from China, and differ in taste and the way to eat by region. Japan is one of the countries that created their own “dumpling culture”.

The Japanese Gyoza-style is pan-fried and crispy (of course there are also boiled and steamed Gyoza). Crispy dumplings combined with vegetables soaked meat soup matches perfectly beer and rice!!

One bite dumpling restaurant – Chaochao Tenmanguu Yokochou-shop

This time we went to Chaochao Tenmanguu Yokochou-shop, a restaurant famous for its one bite dumplings located in Fukuoka City.
The restaurants most popular dish is the so called “Chaochao Gyoza”. These are pan-fried and crispy, in one bite eatable Gyoza. Besides that, more than 20 different original Gyoza dishes are available. If you think about trying Gyoza, this is your place to go to. Go to ChaoChao Tenmanguu!!!

One bite dumpling restaurant – Chaochao Tenmanguu Yokochou-shop

〒810-0001 Fukuokaken Fukuokashi chuuoukutenjin 1-15-3 Tenmanguu Yokochou shouten machi
From NIshitetsu Tenjin Station take direction to ACROS(5 min by walking)
TEL: +81-92-726-0015
Business Hours
Monday–Saturday, the day before national holidays: 11:30~15:00
Sun,National Holidays : 11:30~15:00
Monday – Saturday, The day before national holidays: 17:00 ~ 00:00
Sunday, National Holidays: 17:00 ~ 23:00
Regular Holidays
Credit Card Pay
Not Possible

※All information are from September 30th 2016