Mount Shimizu Autumn Leaf Walk on November 23rd (National Holiday)


Every year when autumn arrives, an event called the “Mount Shimizu Autumn Leaf Walk” will be held to celebrate the changing of the leaves’ color.

This event allows participants to around Mount Shimizu full of Autumn Leaves, and the event is drawing in more and more people every year. Participants can choose between the 5 kilometers course (lasts 1.5 hours) or the 10 kilometers course (last 3 hours). Come and pick the right course for you and enjoy the beautiful scenery of a mountain of autumn leaves!

※Please apply beforehand if you’re interested in participating.

Event details

Date and time
November 23rd (National Holiday) 9:00~ ※Canceled in case of heavy rain
Shimizu Elementary School Sports Ground
Okusa 1596-1 Setakacho Miyama City 835-0005
Open until November 10th (Th.)
Participation Fee
Adult 300yen
Children 200yen
Car・・・From Hakata train station via the Kyushu Highway takes 50 minutes

※All information are from November 4th 2016