Unagi no Nedoko うなぎの寝床


A showroom where you can be close to the manufacturer

This showroom’s theme is “Tell the story of manufacturing in Kyushu and Chikugo”.
The showroom is not located in a big city, but in a rural area called Yame City.
Products and goods from more than 70 different places are assembled here. For example shoes, fireworks, food, cosmetics, and bamboo.
Also, the in Kurume City produced modern twist jeans or “women’s work pants” can be found here. The pants were used all over Japan. How about experience this rural area?

In addition, coordinators and guides (plus interpreter for English and Japanese) are available for manufacture inspections, training travels and more.
If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

Unagi no Nedoko

〒 834 – 0031 Fukuokaken Yameshimotomachi 267
From Yame IC 10min by car
◎ By train from JR Hakata Station
JR Hainuzuka Station transfer → Horikawa bus (Haneyasen) get off “Yahara town” → about 4 minutes by walking
◎ By train from Nishitetsu Tenjin Station
Nishitetsu Kurume Station transfer → Nishitetsu ( bound for Yame Eigyousho) “Nishitojin” get off → about 10 to 15 minutes by walking
◎ from Hakata bus terminal Nishitetsu Tenjin bus terminal by express bus
get off at Yame Inter → Horikawa bus (Haneyasen) “Yame Inter Mae” → get off at “Yahara town” → about 4 minutes by walking
Business Hours
Regular Holidays
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (opened on national Holidays)
Non smoking
Foreign Language Service
English speaking staff is available
(Please ask beforehand about availability)
Credit Card Payment
Available (for 15min only)

※All information are from November 4th 2016