January 3rd (Tuesday) – Tamaseseri Festival (Hakozaki Shrine)


On 3rd January, two groups of half-naked men compete for a lucky 8kg ball(takara no tama) at Hakozaki Shrine. The wooden ball will be carried to the shrine in prayer for a rich harvest and a large fish catch.

The men are divided into the Land Team, made up of people working on land, and the Sea Team comprised of fishermen. There will be a year of good harvest or a bumper catch, depending on which team wins and hands the ball over to the priest. The festival dates back over 500 years.

If you are interested in Japanese culture and New Year customs, this is an event you shouldn`t miss.

Event details

January 3rd, start from 1:00pm
〒812-0053 福岡県福岡市東区箱崎1−22−1
〒812-0053 Fukuokakenfukuokashi higashikuhakozaki 1 − 22 − 1
By car・・・・・About 15 minutes by using Route 385 from Hakata Station
By bus・・・・From “Hakata Eki Mae A” bus stop approximately 30min
By subway・・・From Hakata Station to Hakozaki Miyamae Station
(approximately 15min)
Parking space

※All information are from December 7th 2016