The Hojoya Festival held from 9/12 to 18


The 3rd biggest festivals in Hakata Hojoya!

Hojoya, being held in Hakozaki shrine 12th to 18th of September every year is said to be started from more than 1000 years ago. It is the autumn festival, which has continued to be loved by Hakata residents from the old time. Dontaku, Yamakasa and this Hojoya are said to be three biggest festivals in Hakata. As a characteristic of Hojoya of Fukuoka, there is a large number of stalls, which is said to be about 700 stalls are set in the 1km of the approach to the shrine. They sell food, drinks, toys, and even pottery and plants. There are “Shateki (shooting game)”, show booth or maze booth, many different kinds of games and stalls as well.

How about visiting this historical festival?

Hojoya Festival

Event Date
September 12, 2019(Thursday) to September 18 (Wednesday)
Fukuoka Prefecture, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka Hakozaki 1-22-1
Subway: Directly in front of “Hakozaki-Miyamae Station”