Hakata Okunchi Festival at the Kushida Shrine(10/23~24)


The Hakata Okunchi Festival is a big, and more than 1200 years old festival where the entirety of Hakata Ward came together to hold this festival.

The festival itself has many events like a parade to carry a holy object of Buddhist Shinto, in this case a Portable Shrine, from Kushida Shrine around the Ward of Hakata for 5 kilometers. Aside from that, the festival also has the Gokokuhojo Market that sells the freshest fish and vegetables, a sumo competition, a judo competition, and many more.

Event details

Event Date
October 23rd~24th, 2019
【First Day】 Autumn Festival 11:00~ 【Second Day】 Portable Shrine 14:00~

※Gokokujo Market/22nd~23rd (per scheduled)
The Whole of Hakata Ward, Kushida Shrine, Fukuoka City
5 minutes walk from the Subway (Gion Station)

Entry Fee

※All the information above has been drafted on October 1st, 2019.