Gathering of the most famous Ramen shops from Japan (Fukuoka Ramen Show 2015)


Ramen - Fukuoka's most famous dish

Fukuoka Ramen Show 2015 started and 24 famous Ramen shops from all over Japan are waiting to serve delicious food. Always held in autumn, this year it was the third time the event took place. Every year more than 100 000 visitors and gourmets are coming to this unique event.


Famous shops from all over Japan are lined up in a row. In front of popular shops you can see a long line of waiting people. Shio, Miso, Shoyu…various kinds of Ramen flavors are available. Plus, only for this event created special Ramen.


To buy one of these delicious noodle dish, you will need to buy a ticket. For only 750Yen you can eat one dish. You can buy the ticket near the entrance at the event place or you can purchase tickets at convenient stores as well.


Sam, who really likes Ramen ordered the recommendation (plus topping for extra charge) he received from an event staff member.


And the it is…


Delicious~!!!Well, his face is a bit scary though…


In addition, at Fukuoka Ramen Show there are also other delicious things to eat except Ramen. The local cuisine is gathered here too. The so called, “Tenjin Eat and walk, stand and drink corner”. The name sounds better in Japanese ^.^


Anyways, at this corner you can buy some Tofu for 100Yen and put it in the soup from your Ramen. Usually there is a second serving of Noodles (Kaedama) but here you can get a second serving of Tofu (Kaetofu). A service Sam really likes.


When it starts to become a little bit cold, there is nothing better than eating warm Ramen while enjoying a beer and the local cuisine. Next time, Fukuoka Ramen Show is held, please come here.

Fukuoka Ramen Show 2015

※As of November 30th 2015

Event place In front of the Fukuoka City Hall (West side) Fureai Plaza
Fukuokashi Chuoku Tenjin 1-8-1
Access ■From Nishitetsu Tenjin Fukuoka Station by walking 5min
■From Tenjin Subway station 5min by walking
■By bus: Get off at nearest Bus stop and then walk 5min
Contact details TEL:092-711-5021
Event time November 12th 2015 – November 17th 2015 11:00am – 10:00pm
November 18th 2015 – November 23rd 2015 11:00am – 10:00pm