Looking for travel information for the western Kyushu area?

Then be sure to check out the website below:”Drive Japan West Kyushu



There you’ll find plenty of recommended sightseeing spots, lodging options, driving routes and more available in Japanese, English and Chinese (traditional) for a total of 12 local cities and towns: Sasebo, Hirado, Matsuura, Saza, Saikai, Kawatana, Hasami, Higashisonogi, Ojika, Shinkamigoto, Imari, and Arita.   


You’ll even find maps with plenty of useful features which will come in handy both before and during your trip! This website is highly recommended for both Japanese and overseas travelers alike!


Today we’d like to tell you about two videos where we introduce several of these 12 towns and cities: the “Culture Edition” where we showcase the Japanese culture you can experience in Hirado, Imari and Arita, and the “Island Journey Edition” where we take you on an island journey through Shinkamigoto and Uku (Sasebo City).  



Discovering Japanese culture throughout western Kyushu (Arita, Imari, Hirado)

In this video New Zealand native Sam discovers traditional Japanese culture as he travels throughout western Kyushu (Arita, Imari, Hirado). Featured in this video are the atmosphere and craftsmanship of the famous ceramics towns of Arita and Imari, as well as the samurai culture of Hirado’s traditional tea ceremony and Hirado Castle.



Highlight No. 1: Sueyama Shrine

Here you can catch a glimpse of the unique porcelain torii shrine gate. Absolutely stunning.


Highlight No. 2: Imari “Tontenton” Festival

You can’t miss this impressive fighting festival!



Highlight No. 3: Hirado Castle in the city of Hirado

The main keep of Hirado Castle was recently renovated and reopened last year. The castle also started offering a unique overnight “Castle Stay” experience and is expected to welcome an increasing number of visitors in the years to come.


So be sure to join Sam as he discovers traditional Japanese culture using all five senses.


Discovering island culture, nature and delicious cuisine on the Goto Islands (Kamigoto, Ukujima)

Next up is a girls’ getaway!


In this video Taiwan native Chien and Hong Kong native Yoyo discover the unique island culture and nature of the Goto Islands (Kamigoto, Ukujima).


Featured in this video are the beautiful clear seas and historical Christian landmarks of Kamigoto Island, as well as the marine activities and power spots of Ukujima Island, and more. Of course, they also enjoyed some great food made with local ingredients straight from the island!



Highlight No. 1: Kamigoto “Christian Cave Cruise”

Cross the beautiful sea to reach this mysterious cave.



Highlight No. 2: Ukujima “Clear Kayak”

Can you believe this kayak is…actually see-through? What a great way to take a peek into the world of the sea below!



Be sure to check out the video and join Chien and Yoyo on their island journey!


"Drive Japan West Kyushu"

These are of course just a few of the many great things to see and do in western Kyushu, so be sure to check out 【”Drive Japan West Kyushu”】 to learn about the many other exciting and delicious discoveries to be made in the region!



They’re eagerly awaiting your visit, so be sure to check them out sometime!