Unagi no Nedoko


Unagi no Nedoko – A shop where you can buy locally produced, high-quality products

When you hear the area`s name Yame, you might immediately think about the famous Yame Green Tea. But there are also other things you should give a shot.
In the city center, there is a small town called Yame Fukushima. It is a well-known place as the city of merchants and craftsman. This place developed from a castle town into a flourishing city. At Yame Fukushima you can find an antenna shop called Unagi no Nedoko. At this shop handmade manufactured products from the Kyushu area are assembled.

You can find there everything from arts and crafts such as woodworking and glass production, housewares, textiles, such as Kurume cloth and of course rich, high-quality food. Special products unique to this area are lined up in big numbers. All of the things you will find there are handmade goods with their own story and the memories of their manufacturers.

You will surely find your favorite items among the various genres of products.
Sam was also interested in the local products that are only available here!

Unagi no Nedoko

〒834-0031 Fukuokaken’yameshimotomachi Nishifurumatsu-chō 267
Business Hours
Regular Holidays
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday(Opened on National Holidays)
Credit Card Payment

※All information are from November 28th 2016