Celebrating the 400 years of Arita ware “The Birth of Porcelain in Japan ”, December 9th (Fri) ~ January 15th


The year 2016 marks the 400 year anniversary of “Arita’s Ware” since it was established in Japan. An exhibition event centering on Chinese porcelain ware will take place in Nishimatsuura County, Saga prefecture. Come and take a look at all of these world-class Chinese porcelain plates.

Besides that, there’s also a restaurant and a gallery “USEUM ARITA” arranged by the Kyushu ceramic museum Approach Deck. So why not come to Saga and enjoy the food while appreciating one of mankind’s cultural heritages. Please make your reservation before coming to this event.

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Kyushu Ceramic Museum
Monday (the museum will open if it’s a national holiday.)
※The museum will close from December 29th (Thu) to 31st (Sat)
Toshakuotsu 3100-1, Arita town, Nagamatsuura County, Saga Prefecture 810-0001
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By car・・・・Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Hakata train station via the Nagasaki highway going down the “Hasami Arita IC”
By train・・・From Hakata station get on the express train on the Sasebo line and get off at “Arita station” which takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. Afterward, continue walking for another 12 minutes.


Open date and time
December 6th (Tue) to December 25th (Sunday) 10:00~16:30
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※All information are from November 18th 2016