Kimono Appreciation Festival, December 17th (Sat)


In Kisuki city, Oita prefecture; the “Kimono Appreciation Day” will be held on every 3rd Saturday at the “Kimono Rental Warakuan”.

Any customers wearing a kimono can have their photos taken by a professional cameraman.

Furthermore, walking around the city of Kisuki while wearing a kimono comes with several benefits, such as entering historical buildings without having to pay, and receives special discounts in various shops.
※Bring your own socks or purchase them at the shop for 100 yen.

Event details

Date and Time
December 17th (Saturday)
Kisuki Castle Town area
Kisuki 372-4, Kisuki city 873-0001
By Car・・・・Approximately 2 hours from Hakata Station via the Oita highway
By Train・・・Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes

※All information are from November 21st 2016