Kanmon Straits Candle Night 2018 (November 17-18th)


Introducing a special candle night event which will be held on both sides of the Kanmon Straits, the body of water separating the island of Kyushu from Japan’s main island of Honshu.

Over the course of two days both waterfront areas will be adorned with some 30,000 candles in which, under the general direction of designer Yukiya Blissball, a dazzling world of light will come to life in Mojiko’s Retro Shinsui Hiroba area. Come check out the live concerts, candle photo contest, milk-carton paper lanterns made by kindergarten students, holiday lighting ceremony, night market and yatai (food stalls) town, as well as a night-time art market, and more.

Event details

Event Date
November 17-18th 2018 Mojiko (ligting time) 17.30-22.00

※varies per place
Fukuoka Prefecture Kitakyushu City Retroshisuihiroba, Kiyotaki District,Koso Hachimangu shrine,Shimonoseki Karato Shopping Street,Old Shimonoseki British Consul
JR from Kagoshima Main Line “Moji Port Station”

Entry Fee
Free ※Shinsui Hiroba ¥300

※All the information above has been drafted on November 1st, 2018.