One of the three biggest festivals in Kyushu is the “Yatsushiro Myoken Festival”.

This is a festival that comes from the Imaginary Animal called “Kida” which has a head of a snake and a body of a turtle. It is part of Japan’s important Folk Culture that has not changed since the Edo period (400 years ago). If you have time, please come to the Yamashiro Myoken!

Event details

November 22nd (Tuesday) ~ 23rd (Tuesday/National Holiday)
Yatsushiro Shrine
405 Myokenchou Yatsushiro City Kumamoto Prefecture 866-0802
Kyushu Shinkansen・・・47 Minutes from Hakata Station
Car・・・・・・・2 hours’ drive from the Fukuoka Interchange

※All information are from November 1st 2016

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