Yatai – Fukuoka’s fantastic street food


Fukuoka has a lot of specialties to offer, one of it is Yatai. The lit up food stalls appear as it becomes night in Fukuoka City. Especially the areas around Tenjin, Nakasu and Nagahama are famous for its food stalls and every night, the number of Yatai exceeds more than 200.

Nupur from Inda went together with her friend Hiro to eat Yatai for the first time and she was really surprised. Her favorite food Yakitori (grilled chicken meat), Fukuoka’s specialty Mentaiko and Ramen were available, and just amazingly delicious. Plus, Yatai atmosphere and small talk with the owner until late at night.
(She continued even talking when the camera was turned off ^.^)

As mentioned before, when it becomes evening, the food stalls seem to appear suddenly on the streets. And, they are doing business everyday (except in case of heavy rain)

Every Yatai has its own specialty menu. From the first Kanpai (toast) until the so called “Shime Ramen” (Ramen is usually the last meal eaten when eating outside) you can experience Japanese food and culture in one.
Other customers sitting literally next to you, which makes it easy to make new acquaintances. “Fukuokans” are famous for their hospitality in all over Japan!

If you want to combine outdoor feeling, with delicious food I highly recommend you Yatai, the food stalls of Fukuoka.


Fukuokashihakataku nakasu 5-chōme 6 – 20 810-0801
5min by walking from Nakasukawabata Station

※All information are from October 6th 2016