【Sightseeing】Visiting the city of Saiki in Oita Prefecture!

In the easternmost part of Kyushu, right on the border of Oita and Miyazaki prefectures, you will find the city of Saiki. Once a thriving naval port city during World War II, the city is now renowned for its shipbuilding and fishing industries, as well as its world-famous Saiki sushi. The city is likewise blessed with beautiful natural scenery and many great highlights to discover ranging from the mountains, to the sea, to its lovely townscapes. Here at Feel Fukuoka Japan we have produced several videos covering Saiki’s many different highlights, so in this article we will give you a quick summary of these videos and their content.


Let’s Enjoy the Saiki Footpaths!

The Saiki footpaths consist of six different courses in total, each with its own unique characteristics to enjoy, including a historic journey through the former castle town, a nostalgic tour through the beautiful countryside with the charming atmosphere of the farming village and clear river, a stroll through the quaint old streets of the port town, and more. And when you’re ready for something to eat, grab a bento lunch or go for a bite to eat at one of the town’s local eateries! In this video Sam from New Zealand will be showing us around, but be sure to check it out for yourself and discover the footpaths of Saiki at your own pace!

*Footpaths first originated in England as a place to take a stroll while enjoying traditional local scenery such as the countryside, natural forests, old-fashioned townscapes, and more.



Enjoying a fun-filled tour of Saiki!

The compact city of Saiki is packed with great things to do and see, so you could easily spend a whole day exploring the atmosphere of the port town and former castle town, trying out some tasty local foods, and more. In this video Chien Chien from Taiwan takes us on a sample tour of the city. Saiki is actually very close to the famous hot springs town of Beppu, as well!



A trip to the remote islands of Saiki City! Discovering the Kyushu Olle and Gourmet Cuisine

On the city of Saiki’s remote island of Onyujima you will find not only an official Kyushu Olle Walking Course, but also plenty of beautiful natural scenery as well as a glimpse of small-town life. With no shortage of places worth visiting, time is sure to simply fly by during your visit. You will likewise have the chance to sample some delicious fresh seafood, thanks to Saiki’s privileged seaside location. In this video, Heeya and Sunny from South Korea spend a day exploring Saiki to show you everything the city has to offer.

*The term “Olle” is a general term for walking courses which originated in Jeju Island, South Korea. In the local dialect the word literally means “the small path leading to your house from the street”, and as its meaning suggests, the term is now used to refer to the activity of hiking and enjoying the local natural scenery.



Saiki City - Beautiful countryside and homestay in rural Japan

In the city’s scenic mountain area you will find the breathtakingly beautiful Fujigawachi Gorge, where you will be transported to a magical new world of natural beauty. Saiki is also famous for its sushi, but in addition to your standard seafood sushi, you can also enjoy the city’s “mountain sushi”. In this video Javi from the United States shows us around these highlights of the city of Saiki.



Saiki City in Oita Prefecture - Home to delicious seafood and cat island Fukashima

Also famous for its shipbuilding industry, Saiki likewise offers a unique close-up look at its massive ships. In this video Chien Chien from Taiwan shows us around Saiki’s coastal area, including some delicious local seafod as well as Oita’s “Cat Island”, Fukashima.



For more detailed information about visiting Saiki please visit the website below:

Saiki Tourism Association Official Website