Have you been doing it the right way? How to wash a cloth face mask

Hello everyone, Hiyoko here.


As disposable face masks have become harder and harder to come by these days, many have turned to wearing handmade face masks instead. Not only are cloth masks washable and reusable, but they are also environmentally friendly and some even come in fashionable designs. What’s not to love? Well hold on just a second. Are you sure that you are washing your face mask properly? Today we’re going to show you the proper way to wash a cloth face mask!


There’s a downside to cloth face masks?

First please check out the video above.


Although cloth face masks can be washed and reused over and over again, failing to wash them properly could cause some virus particles and dirt to remain on the mask or even cause the mask to shrink. This video provided by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry covers how to properly wash your cloth face mask to ensure that all dirt and contaminants have been fully removed without damaging the mask itself, so go ahead and check it out!

①You will need:


・Laundry detergent

・Chlorine bleach

・A clean towel

・A large basin

・Kitchen gloves



First you will need to gather the above materials. You can make use of any items you already have at home, such as a wash basin and rubber gloves. Putting your cloth face mask in the washing machine or dryer may damage it or cause it to shrink, so we recommend washing your mask by hand.

②Washing your mask


Fill a large basin with water and laundry detergent, submerge your mask and let it soak for 10 minutes. Wash the mask by gently pressing on it with your hands. Remember not to scrub or crumple the mask as this could damage the cloth fibers!  


Once fully clean, remove excess moisture from the mask by pressing on it with your hands. No wringing out the mask, either!

③If your mask is particularly dirty…

If your mask is particularly dirty, next proceed to fill the basin with water and chlorine bleach and submerge mask once again and let soak for another 10 minutes before gently handwashing. If bleach comes into contact with your bare hands it can be damaging to the skin, so be sure to protect your hands by wearing a pair of kitchen gloves.

④Hang in the shade to dry


Lastly, use your hands to gently straighten out the mask and hang it out to dry in the shade using clothespins. Putting your mask in the dryer may cause it to shrink or wrinkle, so it’s best to let it air dry! Masks are typically made out of small pieces of quick-drying fabric, so if you hang it out to dry somewhere with a good breeze it should be dry in no time.


So did you learn something new? If you wash your cloth face mask the right way, it will last you a long time and can be used over and over again, which will come in super handy right now in the face of the current mask shortage!