Delicious and cheap! The nutritious set meal of Japan

Everybody, what comes to your mind when you hear Japanese cuisine? Sushi? Ramen?
In addition to these popular Japanese foods, what I like to strongly recommend is the Japanese set meal.


The Japanese set meal is one of the Japanese cuisine culture. It has become a menu set with white rice and miso soup combined, centered on fried food and baked food.


The set meal of Chicken Nanban


Choose based on the side dish that you like! Many kinds of menus for the set meal


The set meal of Menchikatsu

There are many kinds of the set meal, and the names are related to main dishes such as the set meal of hamburger, the set meal of fried chicken, and the set meal of fried pork. Therefore, you can choose based on the side dish that you like. Also, you can enjoy the ordinary Japanese cuisine since there are many menus featuring Japanese home cooking such as boiled meat and potatoes and stir fried vegetables.


The set meal of deep fried chicken

More surprisingly, you can have the set meal menu for between 500yen and 1000yen! There are many restaurants which allow unlimited refills for white rice and miso soup, so you can eat as much as you can hold without being worried about the extra charge.

The way that food is displayed means something? The rule of serving the set meal

The set meal contains sufficient nutrients in balance due to being able to take in meat and vegetables at a time. The key to nutritional balance is the combination of a bowl of soup and three side dishes. The way how these side dishes are displayed has been determined by a Japanese manner.


First, place chopsticks in the front with the end of chopsticks pointing to the left. This is for not showing the end of chopsticks that have contact with the mouth. This is a Japanese custom out of courtesy.

Next, place a rice bowl in the front left. This is because holding a rice bowl on the left hand is considered to be a courtesy. A soup bowl is put in the right front because people in Japan hold a soup bowl often second to a rice bowl. Main dishes are placed inside right or in the center. And small dishes like pickled dishes and salad are put in the center or inside. You may want to visit restaurants to confirm how dishes are displayed in most of restaurants. But, you don’t have to care much about how you hold and eat as it’s not been regulated. Help yourself as you like without being concerned about others. ※People in Japan usually hold a dish when having a meal.

There are many chain stores featuring the set meal. Some people may know because some stores are expanding their businesses abroad. Please stop by when you’re not sure what to eat because they have various menus and you can dine there casually. You can enjoy the real Japanese home cooking in a simple way!

The typical Japanese restaurants of the set meal


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