Go out with Yukata on the day of festival♪


When it comes to summer, Yukata!

Guys, do you know Yukata?

Yukata is a kind of clothes worn in summer. Originally, it was worn as summer pajamas, but now many people wear it on the day of fireworks and a temple festival. When the festival is held, people wearing fancy Yukata gather in the hall, and dressing Yukata makes you feel like summer has come.


Let’s challenge to put on Yukata!

There is someone who might think that wearing Yutaka is difficult, but as compared to clothes, Yukata is of a simple structure. Therefore, for those beginners, it is worth trying without hesitation.

This time, let me introduce you the order in which you dress Yukata!


The way you dress Yukata


1.Dress Yukata, adjust the center of the back, and determine the hem length
2.Bring the right and left of Yukata to the location of the waist, and determine the width by adjusting for the left side to be up
3.Tie the belt
4.Tidy up Ohashori (the remaining part of a cloth when tied)
5.Leave a fist sized space in the back of the neck and straighten the collar
6.Tie under the chest and adjust the whole body

In case of men, it’s doubled with belts instead of Ohashori. It’s made simpler, but the basic procedure is same.


How to tie a belt


1.Determine the length and the location
2.Coil 2turns around the trunk
3.Tie the belt
4.Fold the tip
5.Make a shape of ribbon in front of the body
6.Bring the tied part behind the back

There’s a clip that explains the order in which you dress Yukata in English. Please take a look as a reference!

Here is a clip for how to dress Yukata!

Here’s a clip for how to tie the belt

Besides a silk clothing store, you can purchase Yukata in a department store and a shopping mall. The price ranges from thousand yen to a reasonable price, so it’s a strong recommendation as a souvenir, not to mention that you can enjoy for yourself.

Also, there are “Tsukuritai” which is tied in advance to make it easy to put it on and “Sebaretoyutaka”which can be dressed like suits as top and bottom are separated. They are extremely rich in designs, so I’m sure that you will find your favorites.


Recently, the number of people who wear Yukata in an event, sports viewing, and a date is increasing. It’s fantastic to go out with Yukata on the day of summer.

Please enjoy summer in Japan with Yukata!