Walking and Eating around Fukuoka 「Bar Walk Fukuoka 2015」


Barhopping from one shop to another 「Bar Walk Fukuoka 2015」

“Bar Walk Fukuoka” is a festival where anyone can go and eat and drink at the shops of their choice, choosing from 110 shops all over Fukuoka.

The festival selects wonderful shops from all over Fukuoka following the concept: “shops I never knew about” and “shops I have never been to”. One ticket costs 3600yen which allows you to pick 5 shops to go to and enjoy one of their side dishes and one free drink. A guide map will be provided for you so there is no worry about getting lost.


Also, the festival is not just about eating and drinking; there are also many live shows (eg Flamengo dance show, Jazz shows and etc) over the course of this festival. This way, you can enjoy the food and drinks of Fukuoka while enjoying the city itself.

Let’s go and experience the Bar Walk festival!

This time, the person who will be experiencing the Bar Walk is Javier from America. Javier who loves sushi wastes no time and head straight for a sushi restaurant.

The sushi restaurant Javier chose to go to is located right next to Fukuoka Tenjin Minami subway station, the “Sushisho Izumida”. The restaurant prides in its fresh sea ingredients from the Goto Islands and the Genkai Sea used to make their sushi and sashimi, and the manager’s recommended Japan’s sake and shochu.

For the first time, Javier gets to try his first Japanese Spanish mackerel! This specie of mackerel can only be fished during winter; furthermore, Fukuoka’s Hakata Harbor has the biggest haul of this type of mackerel compared to the rest of Japan. The Japanese Spanish Mackerel is a red meat fish, but has a light taste like a white meat fish. Beside sashimi and sushi, this mackerel is also perfect for grilling and deep frying.

右から、サーモン、イカ、サワラ From right to left: salmon, squid, and the Japanese Spanish mackerel.

Funnily, the mackerel was called ‘Sawara’ in Japanese is sounds like the Sawara Ward in Fukuoka which confused Javier a little bit. Nevertheless, Javier still finished his mackerel in one bite.


Thank you for the meal.

Next is the Soba restaurant located in Imaizumi, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka city called “Kochisoba” (コチソバ). The soba of this restaurant are made from soba flour however they are not cut up into thin noodles, called the “Jyu Wari Soba” (ジュワリソバ); allowing you to have a pleasure of tasting the soba and the fragrance of the power. Furthermore, the soba goes very well with the restaurant’s alcohol and Tempura.


Our Javier decided to order the “Shochu Soba”. The Shochu made from flours give a delicious taste different from the others made from rice or sweet potatoes, and Javier has taken a liking to it.

Lastly, we get to taste to see the shop’s special “Soba Yu” which is a boiled soba soup. After you finished the soba noodles, the staff will bring the soup for you to mix it with what’s left of your soba sauce to drink at the end of the meal. As our Javier gets to taste the soup, the warm and delicious soba soup gradually seeps through this body filling him with vigor.


Our Javier, who has experienced the charm of Japanese food and alcohol plenty, still has 3 tickets left; looks like his gourmet trip is not going to end here.

The “Bar Walk Fukuoka” is a yearly festival that allows anyone to enjoy Fukuoka’s delicious food, alcohol, culture, and other specialties. Won’t you come and enjoy the festival next time?

Bar Walk Fukuoka 2015

※All of the information above was written on December 22nd, 2015.

Homepage http://www.barwalk.jp/
Event date 2015年11月3日(火)
Organizer NPO Corporation Idea Kyushu, Asia “Bar Walk Executive Committee”
Contact Details 810-0001 4F, Tenjin Building No. 1, Tenjin 4-2-36, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City
Business Hour 10:00〜18:00(※Only on weekdays)