Yame Kurogi Wisteria Festival(4/16~early May)


Yame Kurogi Wisteria Festival(八女黒木大藤まつり) is held every year between mid-April to early May at the Susanoo Shrine(素盞嗚神社)in Kurogimachi, Yame City.

The wisteria tree in Kurogi is an over 600-year-old national Natural Treasure and its vines extending for meters. At night, the tree is lit up and looks just gloriously colorful.
In addition, during the festival, you will also find food stalls and local products exhibited at the shrine. Last but not least, the local brewery in Kurogi will be opened for visitors.

Event details

Festival Time
April 16– early May
〒834-1217  Fukuokaken Yameshi Kurokimachi Kuroki Susanoojinja keidai

Take JR Kagoshima Main Line train (鹿児島本線) to Hainudzuka Station(羽犬塚駅). From there, take the bus and get off at Oofujimae bus stop (大藤前). The bus ride takes about 45 minutes.

Admission Fee
For free

※All information are from March 14th 2019