The Nogouchi River Valley: Escape the summer heat from this oasis located just a one-hour drive from Tenjin and Hakata!

The Nogouchi River Valley is a ravine located in the city of Fukuoka’s Sawara Ward just about a one-hour drive from the city center and makes the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and your everyday work life. It’s an ideal spot to go to relax or to go for a leisurely drive, and as the ravine’s hiking trail itself isn’t too steep, it is likewise a great place for the whole family to enjoy.


■ Preparing for your visit

Sneakers with a good grip

First, you’ll need to get ready for your trip. For this trip you certainly won’t need any mountain-climbing quality footwear – a pair of everyday sneakers will do just fine. Just be sure that the soles have a good grip as some areas of the hiking trail can get slippery.


Insect repellant

There are many mosquitoes in the area, so insect repellant is a must. As you continue along the trail the air will get cooler and the mosquitoes will go away, but the first five minutes or so of the trail is swarming with mosquitoes, so you’ll want to bring your bug spray.



Although this is a pretty easy hiking trail, don’t forget to bring some water during the summer months.

Enjoying the ravine

The first 5 minutes of your hike

At the beginning of your hike you’ll be immediately greeted by some stunning natural scenery! Here the river is shallow enough to wade in, making it a great spot for families with kids to enjoy playing in the river.

5 to 10 minutes in

At this point along the trail you’ll notice that the mosquitoes have suddenly disappeared and that the air has become much cooler and more refreshing. The trickling sounds of the river and the chirping of the birds create a very relaxing, healing atmosphere.

10 to 15 minutes in

You will soon find yourself in the thick of the forest. This area offers plenty of fabulous photo opportunities, so get your camera or smartphone ready and take plenty of great shots to share with your friends on social media!

15 to 20 minutes in



Now we’re approaching the end of the trail. You will finish walking the trail in no time at all, but even in such a short time you’ll be able to take in plenty of truly fabulous natural scenery.


In just under one hour by car from the central neighborhoods of Tenjin and Hakata you will find this refreshing summer oasis. The ideal spot to come and relax, it is even well suited to beginners and families with small children as well. And on the way to the ravine you’ll even find a variety of shops such as a specialty tofu shop, souvenir shops and more to enjoy along the way, so be sure to come and check it out for yourself sometime!


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