Sake: Make your trip even better with this traditional Japanese beverage that’s taking the world by storm

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Traditional Japanese “sake” has become a household name around the globe, and the Fukuoka and Kyushu areas make up an important sake-producing region. So today I’d like to share with you some of the basics of sake, as well as our favorite local Fukuoka sake!


Japanese sake and its history


Japanese sake is an alcoholic beverage made from rice and water with an alcohol content coming in at under 22%.


(Reference values) Average alcohol content of some common alcoholic beverages


Shochu: 25-30%

Sake: 15-16%

Wine: 11-13%

Beer: 5-6%


There are many theories as to the origins of Japanese sake, but the use of rice to make alcoholic beverages is thought to have originated in the Kyushu and Kinki regions during the Jomon period through the Yayoi period with the advent of wet-rice agriculture.


How is sake made?

Sake is made from three basic ingredients:


・Koji(malted rice)



Kyushu is blessed with an abundance of high-quality water, which has contributed to the very high quality of the rice cultivated in the region. This high-quality rice and water come together with the skilled craftsmanship of the sake brewers themselves to bring us some of the best Japanese sake out there. One of the best things about Japanese sake is how it brings out the flavor of Japanese food similar to how wine goes well with Western-style food. 

Introducing our favorite local Fukuoka sake!


Here at FEEL FUKUOKA JAPAN we would like to share with you our favorite local Fukuoka sake, Kitaya Daiginjyo. This internationally-acclaimed sake goes perfectly with Japanese food, bringing out the flavor of local Fukuoka specialties such as its fresh fish, motsunabe, yakitori, and more.


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Manufactured by: Kitaya Co., Ltd. (Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture)



The many sake breweries scattered throughout Fukuoka and the Kyushu region continue to work day in and day out to bring you some of the best sake Japan has to offer.


From the website below you will find a variety of sake-related information for each area of Kyushu, so be sure to check it out.


「”Kampai” at Kyushu – Kyushu Tabi Net」 (English Version)   (Japanese Version)